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Best Books for IAS Preparation, Booklist for IAS,IPS,IFS examination preparation

SHRI RAM IAS - Essential IAS books given here are recommended for UPSC IAS Exam. List of Books for IAS Prelims and books for UPSC IAS Mains as per the UPSC syllabus are given. Books From which you should prepare for UPSC exam. Know from the best IAS coaching in Delhi.

Best Books for IAS Preparation by IAS Toppers

Booklist for IAS ,IPS ,IFS examination preparation | Which books should you buy for UPSC Exam Preparation | Learn from Best IAS coaching in Delhi. IAS Booklist, Best Books for IAS, Book list for IAS Exam, IAS Books, Best books by IAS Toppers, Best books for IAS Preparation
Learn How To Prepare For Public Administration at SHRI RAM IAS - Best Public Administration Coaching in Delhi, Best Public Administration Coaching in India, Best IAS Coaching in Mukherjee Nagar Delhi and helps aspirants to prepare for public administration.


IAS aspirants should not prefer a large number of books for any subject. They should follow standard books and study materials only. They should focus on to revise those standard books again and again rather going for another new study material.


Paper 1

India’s struggle For Independence Bipin Chandra
NCERT History Std 10th – 12th
Geography NCERT Std. 10th –12th
Indian Geography Majid Husain
Certificate Physical and Human Geography G. C. Leong
Our Constitution Subhash Kashyap
Our Parliament Subhash Kashyap
Introduction to the Constitution of India D.D.Basu
NCERT Economic Development of India
Indian Economy Dutta Mahajan/Mishra Puri
Economic Survey of India
Science Reporter
Science NCERT 6th to 10th
Frontline, Yojana
Yojana & Kusukshetra
India’s struggle For Independence Bipin Chandra
Study Materials SHRI RAM IAS study centre

Paper 2

Quantitative Aptitude R. S. Agrawal
Reasoning R. S. Agrawal
Administrative Behaviour Public Administration
Destrict Administration Public Administration
Accountibility and Control Public Administration
Local Self Government Public Administration
Financial Administration Public Administration
Administration of Law and Order Public Administration
Study Materials SHRI RAM IAS study centre

Main Exam

G.S. Paper 1

NCERT 10th to 12th Geography, History
Ancient History And Indian Culture R.S. Sharma
World History Jain & Mathur
Wonder that was India A. L. Basham
Modern India Sumit Sarkar
History Of Medieval India Satish Chandra
Indian Art And Culture Nitin Singhania
World History L.N. Mukherjee
Geogrphy of India Khullar
Certificate Physical & Human Geography G.C Leong
Human Geography Majid Hussain
India’s freedom struggle Bipin Chandra
School Atlas Oxford
Study Materials SHRI RAM IAS study centre

G.S. Paper 2

Introduction to The Constitution of India D.D. Basu
Polity &Governance M. Laxmikanth
Our Constitution Subhash Kashyap
Our Parliament Subhash Kashyap
The Hindu, The Indian Express, Frotline, Yojana etc.
India Year Book Government Publication
Gazette Of Government Of India Government Publication
The World Focus Magazine
India’s Foreign Policy J. N. Dixit
Pancahyati Raj in India Kuldeep Mathur
Constitution Of India at Work 11th STD. - NCERT
Study Materials SHRI RAM IAS study centre

G.S. Paper 3

Internal Security in India Bajpai
Envisioning an Empowered Nation APJ Abdul Kalam
Indian Economy Dutt & Mahajan
Indian Economy Mishra & Puri
Indian Economy Uma Kapila
Economic Survey of India
Indian Economy Development 11th Std. - NCERT
Science Reporter
Study Materials SHRI RAM IAS study centre

G.S. Paper 4

Ethics, Integrity &Aptitude Administrative Behaviour (Public Administration)
An introdiction to Ethics William Lillie
Ehics in Governance Ramesh Arora
Selected Topics Of Public Administration
Study Materials SHRI RAM IAS study centre
ARC Report Govt of India

Public Administration

Paper 1

Public Administration Maheshwari & Awasthi
Public Administration Theory And Practice Sharma & Sadana
Mohit Bhattacharya New Horizons of Public Administration.
Administrative thinkers D. Ravindra Prasad, V.S. Prasad.
Structure of Public Organisations R.K. Jain
Organisational Behaviour Stephen P. Robbin Organisational Behaviour
Accountability and Control Special Issues of Indian Journal of Public Administration on Accountability
Administrative Law M.P. Jain
Administrative Reforms G.E. Gaiden
Comparative Public Administration R.K. Arora
Development Administration Ferrel Heady
Public Policy IGNOU Lessons on Public Policy R. K. Sapra :Public Policy
Public Policy and Affairs Nicolas Henery
Personnel Administration O Glenn : Stahl
Public Personnel Administration S. L. Goel
Financial Administration M. J. K. Thavaraj
Special Issues Of IIPA Journal

Paper 2

Indian Administration Awasthi & Awasthi
Our Parliament Shubhash Kashayap
Evolution of Indian Administration B.N. Puri
An Introduction to the Constitution of India D. D. Basu
District Administration T.N. Chaturvedi
Local Government in India S.R. Maheshwari
Public Sector in India R. K. Jain
Administrative Reforms S.R. Maheshwari
Special Issue of Indian Journal of Public Administration on Administrative Reforms
Administration of Law and Order K. K. Sharma
Welfare Administration Annual Reports of Department of Social Welfare
Special Issues Of IIPA Journal

The interactive teaching pattern and the direct personal dialogue with the faculty and the director helps greatly in the preparation, inspite of the eternal syllabus the students develop a sense of confidence courtesy faculty.

Palak Sinha

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Sinha sir is completely devoted towards effective study.


What an excellent teaching!


I become IPS only because of completely support of Sanjay Sinha sir.

Chandra Mohan Mishra

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Best IAS Coaching in Delhi with most dedicated teachers and unique study material to achieve IAS aspirants to their goal. Thank for helping me and my friend to be an IAS officer.

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As I am an early stage for preparation of civil service ,I feel very comfortable in GS & Pub Ad at shri Ram IAS study centre under guidance of sanjay sinha sir.

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SHRI RAM IAS study-center is the best coaching in Delhi for G.S. nd public-administration and faculties are very nice.

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As I am at early stage of my preparation here with SHRI RAM IAS. I find a very favourable evrironment, which serves both way of communication in between teachers and students specially with S. Sinha sir, whose important guideance, valuable thought and motivational personality would definately halp me both as an induviduals in my way of prepration I want to rate this institute Best IAS coaching in Delhi.