Just like IAS, this is also a popular and respected service. IAS officers work closely with the common people, so is the case with PS officers. This is also a service which has its roots in the British era. Since the service takes care of law and order, it is considered a sensitive service.

The service requires a different temperament. The majority of their time is spent investigating crimes and dealing with the criminals. An officer has to be alert 24 hours. So obviously you cannot expect a routine job and sometimes even your family has to pay the price. Let us not overlook the fact that there is definitely some risk involved. But the risk is not big enough that it should scare you away from the service. T-here are some who enjoy adventure and challenges. Some are attracted by the glamour of the uniform. And yes, the cadre aspect applies to this service, just like IAS.

This is a professional service. Officers for this service are also hired from institutions such as BSF, CRPF, RAW, Intelligence Bureau and CBI. They get there on deputation.

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