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Which newspapers should you read?

Should you read the maximum number of newspapers? Should you read all the important newspapers as students who are very academic do? I'm against this technique. I have a task for you. Get all the newspapers you consider important for a given date. Take an entire day to scan them. Note which important points are missing in which newspaper. I'm not talking about small news items but the really important ones. You will notice that all the newspapers will have the important news of the day. The news angles and description may differ but all newspapers will cover the important events.

Then what will be different among the newspapers? The editorial page. The articles on the page could be on differenttopics and even if the topic is the same the write-ups are by different people. The quality of the articles will thus differ. The editorial comments will be different in different newspapers. If they choose the same topic to comment on, the quality will be different.

So should you read many newspapers just to pore over the editorial page? I do not think it is necessary. In any good newspaper, only the important topics will be commented upon and given space in the editorial page. The newspaper would have already covered or would cover at a future date topics on which articles and editorials are now being written in other newspapers - if the topics and events are really important. Even if this does not happen, you do not have to get upset; you cannot possibly know everything about the world. Someone who tries to hold onto everything will be left with nothing. This is the law of nature, do not forget it. Even if your friends warn 'you about this, do not be worried.

The most important thing when deciding how to approach newspaper reading is to shortlist one according to the list given below and continue reading them. Don't change the preference so often- unless you have a big reason for it. It does not really matter which newspaper you are reading as long as it is good quality. What matters is how you are reading the newspaper. You should read the following newspapers –

I'm not stressing upon language here. You should study in the language that is your medium for the IAS exam. Don'tbe worried about it. If you are a Hindi medium student do not think that you can't become an IAS officer without reading 'The Times of India' or 'The Hindu'. But yes, if you have a good English vocabulary you can give some time to these newspapers, especially to the editorial page. You do not need to do more than this.

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