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Why are they important

Every paper of civil services exam has its own template including the general knowledge paper, This decided template provides students with few important points on the basis of which they prepare and honestly, the preparation is done easily as well. For this, we have books, newspapers and magazines. If you notice, you will see that the questions which are asked in the general knowledge paper, are available in written somewhere, whether, you have read it or not or maybe, you read it, but, you didn't give it much importance. It is very clear that the preparation of general knowledge or optional papers has to be much disciplined and the books or methods of preparation are almost same for every student.

However, can we say the same thing about essay? You should pick up and look at the unsolved papers of essay of last 20 years. You would hardly find an essay which was asked twice. Every year, you are presented with new topics. The main point to note here is that none of these essays are available in written. If they are available, it is there only in two people' mind: one, the person who suggested the topic, and second, the person who is going to write the essay.

The content of essay is generally scattered. It will not be wrong to say that the way a honey bee makes honey b. sitting on different flowers, in the same way, an essayist write an essay after studying different types of topics.

Let's see what UPSC needs in regards to this. The Commission has very clearly stated that "they will be expected to keep closely to the subject of the essay, to arrange their ideas in orderly fashion, and to write concisely. Credit will begiven for effective and exact expressions."

This can be considered like mathematics to an extent. You cannot memorize mathematics. However, if you know the formula, you can answer any question using it. Essay is also the same, you cannot memorize it, but, if you know how an essay is written, then, you can very easily write. It is, however, more challenging than mathematics. Whosoever knows the mathematics' formula can very easily answer using it and the answer will be more or less the same. In spite of this, can we say that people who know how to write an essay will write it in exactly the same way on the same topic? I don't need to answer this. This is actually the biggest challenge of essay writing, but, at the same time, it is its beauty too.

It is said in English- 'style is the man himself’, that means, a person's way of expression shows his personality. This is said for literature writing, but, it also applies to essay writing. The wayan author's personality is reflected in his work, in the similar way, an essayist's personality is reflected in his essay. Maybe, you don't realize it, but, the person reading it can make it out. You should consider essay's paper a way by which UPSC is conducting your interview in written. While giving an interview, you are in front of the interviewer, whereas, in an essay, your copy is in front of the examiner.

I have said that your personality is reflected in the essay you write. I know it is hard for you to believe this, but, I would like to tell you few things to make you believe me. This is important because if you don't believe me, then, you will not give due importance to this paper and when you will not give due importance to it, you will not do any justice to it either. Bydoing this, you will of course, not do any justice to yourself too. So, let's see how it reflects our personality:

So, these are the reasons why essays are given so much importance. I hope that after reading these facts your attitude towards essay would have become a little serious.

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