Student Review

Palak Sinha

The interactive teaching pattern  and the direct personal dialogue with the faculty and the director helps greatly in the preparation, inspite of the eternal syllabus the students develop a sense of confidence” courtesy faculty.


I am completely satisfied with study of GS and public administration.


Sinha sir is completely devoted towards effective study.


What an excellent teaching!

Chandra Mohan Mishra

I become IPS only because of completely support of Sanjay Sinha sir.


Thank you sir for high motivation.


I enjoy in the class when sanjay sir delivers lecture.


No doubt study material is very fine.


I am taking class again but institute did not take even a single coin. thank you sir.


As I am at early stage of my preparation here with SHRI RAM IAS. I find a very favourable evrironment, which serves both way of communication in between teachers and students specially with S. Sinha sir, whose important guideance, valuable thought and motivational personality would definately halp me both as an induviduals in my way of prepration.

UPSC Syllabus 2020 - IAS Syllabus For Prelims, Mains
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IAS Syllabus 2020 - Download UPSC Syllabus Pdf For Prelims & Mains Exam

Dear IAS Aspirant!

UPSC Conducts the civil services examination in two successive steps:

  • 1. Civil Services Preliminary Exams (Part A)
  • 2. Civil Services Main Exams (Written & Interview) (Part B)

Please Download all Sylabus


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IAS Syllabus 2020 - Download UPSC Syllabus Pdf For Prelims & Mains Exam

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Best IAS Coaching in Delhi- UPSC Prelims Syllabus 2020 for IAS exam. Download IAS prelims syllabus. UPSC holds the Civil Services Exam for IAS, other servicesand the CSAT is a main component of the IAS Syllabus. Civil Services Aptitude Test or CSAT is part of the UPSC exam. Knowing the UPSC prelims Syllabus is the first step to sucess in the IAS exam. Find UPSC Prelims 2020 details, IAS Exam 2020 pdf, civil service syllabus 2020 explanation and everything else about the syllabus of ias, u.p.s.c. exam 2020 including the Civil Services Aptitude Test for IAS 2020 as per UPSC Syllabus 2020.
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Frequently Asked Questions – To Choose IAS Coaching Institute

Question: What is the fee for IAS coaching (civil services coaching)?

Answer: Fee structure for IAS coaching in Delhi varies from institute to institute. In general for good coaching it will be between 160000 to 190000 for full package of General Studies i.e. GS (all four papers), CSAT, Essay and Interview.

Question: Which IAS coaching (UPSC coaching in India) is best in India?

Answer: Ans. Best IAS coaching in India is a hypothetical question. There is nothing like Best or Perfect, in fact, those IAS coaching are termed ‘Best’ who deliver better teaching services to students along with hospitable staffs.

To choose best Civil Services coaching you should do some research yourself. Firstly, extract some information from google about list of institutes; secondly, call the coaching institutes which are in your ‘research list’ – Ask them about all sort of queries in your mind.

Thirdly, visit the IAS coaching institute physically and if possible meet with students already studying in this coaching (existing students are the most authentic source to get honest review about the institutes level of teaching).

Question: Which is the best coaching (IAS coaching centre) for IAS?

Answer: Ans. Best coaching for IAS is that institute which provides best teaching faculties to students, time for interaction with the faculty to dispel their study related confusion/doubt and provide updated study materials. Last but not least, their should be provision for study support even after the completion of the coaching course.

Question: Is Coaching (IAS coaching institute) required for IAS?

Answer: Technically NO, but Practically YES. If you have started preparation for Civil Services exam at your early stage i.e. while pursuing your graduation and able to plan your studies strategically, and understand the subject-matter of UPSC syllabus -then coaching is not required.

Coaching acts as a facilitator and not an end. IAS coaching in Delhi provides you experienced teachers. They have many years of experience in teaching UPSC candidates. Their teaching has helped students get selected in Civil services exam as an IAS, IPS, IRS etc. So, they are expert guide and their direction based guidance helps you to clear IAS exam earlier.

Coaching helps you shorten the time-interval of Success. It helps in avoiding trail & error learning phenomenon and so saves your time to Success.

Question: How is Delhi for IAS Coaching (IAS academy in Delhi)?

Answer: Delhi is considered as ‘Shri ram ias’ of IAS Coaching. The term seems true. You can find that most of the selected candidates in UPSC has some connection with Delhi, specially coaching institute.

In fact, Delhi is a hub of IAS coaching. It is mushroomed with highly effective coaching as well as cheap & low level coaching institutes. You need to use your logic, reference of students and/or research to land to good coaching institute. One thing is guaranteed that if you enroll to quality IAS coaching in Delhi, success become easier.

Question: What are the Delhi Top IAS Coaching Classes (Top IAS coaching in Delhi)?

Answer: Delhi has a list of Top IAS coaching classes. Here, ‘top’ means – those coaching institutes which provide quality teaching to their students. Many coaching talks about ‘world class infrastructure’ but has pathetic study materials and teachers.

Few coaching are good but has ‘crowd in classroom’, i.e. students strength between 300 to 500. Avoid larger classroom coaching, it won’t provide you one-to-one teacher interaction. Thus, will foil your purpose for coaching. Prefer reputed coaching with strength of 50 to 100 students in a classroom.

Question: Is 1 year Enough for Preparation for IAS Exam?

Answer: This question is subjective in nature, it depends on candidates’ past experience. If you had started your preparation while pursuing your graduation then, one year of serious preparation is enough to Crack IAS exam.

Alternatively, around 2 years of serious preparation can definitely help you get selected in Civil Services exam.

Question: Is Taking IAS Coaching Beneficial for UPSC Exam Preparation?

Answer: Yes, of course. Coaching helps you save the time in success. IAS coaching institute makes your preparation direction based. Saves you from distraction as well as overloading of study materials.

UPSC has not recommended any book for UPSC syllabus. You can find lots of books for reading in the market; this is the biggest source of wastage of time for IAS aspirant while preparing the exam. Experienced teachers in coaching helps you in organized & focused study. In fact, ‘goal-oriented study’ is the mantra of success in Civil Services.

Question: Which are the Best IAS Coaching in Delhi with Hostel facility?

Answer: There are a lot of IAS Coaching institutes who provides hostel facility to their students. Shri Ram IAS Coaching is one of them.

Question: What are the best places for IAS Preparation in Delhi?

Answer: All Best IAS coaching institutes are based at Old Rajinder Nagar and Mukherjee Nagar. So these are best places in Delhi for IAS Preparation with good connectivity to metro and other facilities.

Question: Is one year enough to Prepare for IAS Exam?

Answer: Yes, if you study wholeheartedly and dedication. one year is good enough. Past records indicate that many of those who cracked IAS Exam, have studied regress for one year.

Question: What is the duration of IAS Coaching in Delhi?

Answer: Duration for IAS coaching in Delhi is between 10 to 12 months. This includes General Studies Prelims, Mains and Essay. If you join the optional along with your GS coaching then the time duration remains the same. But you need to do extra hard-work to be in continuum with your studies.

Normally, students first complete General studies and then complete their Optional subject paper. Optional course duration differs between 3 to 5 months, as per their syllabus. For example, Sociology will be completed in around 3 months but History syllabus may take around 5 months.

Question: How to Choose Right IAS Coaching for UPSC Exam Preparation?

Answer: Before taking decision to join any Best IAS coaching in India, you must do some research yourself. Google about the list of coachings, gather information, get in touch with respective institute via email or phone.

Put your queries to the representative of the UPSC coaching, if it satisfies you, join it. Some logical interaction with academic representative is essential because you are going to spend there around one year.

Question: Which IAS institute’s fee structure is affordable in Delhi?

Answer: ‘Affordable’ is a subjective word. If your coaching institute is cheap but unable to deliver quality teaching then its wastage of money.
There is also no guarantee that high pricing coaching institute may provide quality teaching. So, if you have decided to take coaching then choose Best IAS coaching in Delhi and this should be done with alert mind and some short of research.