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Top IAS Coaching In Delhi SHRI RAM IAS Study Centre was established in the name of LORD SHRI RAM, eldest son of King Dashratha of Ayodhya. Before you start serious preparations, let me take this opportunity to discuss a few points with you.


India’s best Online IAS coaching is Offering Online UPSC Coaching In Delhi Now! Get a chance to learn from the top educators of the SHRI RAM IAS study centre through online interactive classes.

The online classes will be as lively and interactive as the offline ones. The online course includes a test series, and study material will be delivered by post. SHRI RAM IAS study centre promises the quality of teaching is maintained even through digital means.


 The course benefits those aspirants who can’t come to the national capital to prepare for the UPSC exams, as every civil services aspirant deserves the best, even due to thousands of hindrances.


Online IAS Coaching classes will be started from 8th March 2024.

Many of you point out that before joining an Institute, you need to know about the antecedents of the Institute and its coaching standards. It is not advisable to get impressed by the magical words in newspaper/magazine publicity that every Institute today follows [maybe we are no exception]. You must enquire, before joining an Institute, about its experts, method of IAS coaching, number of actual successes, and the status [Preliminary/Main/Interview] at which the successful candidates sought coaching. This is important because some Institute gives the figures of their successes in several hundred or high percentage [as high as about 90% good enough to checkmate your reasoning]. There are still others who present a rosy picture of themselves without presenting facts. Let me clarify the issues regarding the SHRI RAM IAS Study Centre.

At a time when every other Institute has been vying to be everything for everyone, SHRI RAM IAS Study Centre have retained the specialized G.S Mains [Written and Viva], that too for a limited number of subjects like General Studies, Public Administration, Essay etc. Postal Membership is available for all the above subjects. We are the only Institute to publicly inform our results at Mains [Written] level, something what even the most popular Institutes are scared to do; lest the truth be revealed. Experts at SHRI RAM IAS Study Centre include many Universities. A number of experts of various universities such as DU, JNU, JMI, IIT DELHI and IIM AHMEDABAD also contributed in the preparation of our study material. We have also been trying to bring experts from Delhi, Lucknow, Patna and Hyderabad on a Single platform. The study material has been Prepared with specialized skill in a manner that results in easy grasp. We have no hesitation in claiming that almost all successful candidates who have Public Administration as an optional do solely rely on our study material. Our students complain about the availability of our Material [Photostat] from North – East to down south. Let me however inform you that we revise our study material every year with each page bearing a stamp of SHRI RAM IAS Study Centre and you must not be satisfied with the fictitious material [if at all available] in photocopy form.

Sanjay Sinha