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SHRI RAM IAS Study Centre works around each and every aspect to ensure the highest success in every batch. In this way, SHRI RAM IAS enables great value towards student’s efforts in achieving the highest RANKs in UPSC Exam.

Best IAS Coaching in Delhi


SHRI RAM IAS is one of India’s Best IAS Coaching institutes in Delhi for civil services examination preparation in Delhi. The institute provides coaching for various stages of the civil services examination, including prelims, mains, and interview.

Are you aspiring to crack the UPSC CSE Exam in 2023-24? Do you want to Join the best IAS coaching in Delhi? If yes, then SHRI RAM IAS is the ideal choice for you. Established in 1996 by Mr Sanjay Sinha, this coaching institute has been committed to providing top-quality IAS coaching in Delhi to aspiring candidates.

At SHRI RAM IAS, we offer both classroom and online courses, along with weekend coaching classes and personalized IAS coaching in Delhi. Our experienced and qualified teachers have helped thousands of students achieve their dream of becoming civil servants by cracking the UPSC exam in the least attempts.

What sets SHRI RAM IAS apart from other IAS coaching institutes is our proven track record of producing successful candidates every year. With personalized attention from experienced faculty members, whether in online or weekend classes, we ensure that every student receives the best coaching possible.

So, if you are serious about cracking the UPSC CSE Exam, look no further than SHRI RAM IAS. With our commitment to helping you achieve your dreams and our comprehensive study materials, we are the best coaching institute for IAS in Delhi.

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Online IAS Coaching - SHRI RAM IAS

SHRI RAM IAS, the Best IAS coaching institute in Delhi, also provides online IAS coaching to students who cannot attend regular classes. The online coaching is designed to provide the same level of quality education as the regular classes, ensuring that students do not miss out on anything.

The online classes are conducted by experienced faculty members who use the latest technology to deliver engaging and interactive lectures. The institute also provides study material in digital format, which can be accessed from anywhere, anytime.

Online IAS coaching at SHRI RAM IAS is also personalised to meet the specific needs of each student. The faculty members work closely with each student, identifying their strengths and weaknesses, and developing a personalized study plan.

The online coaching also includes regular tests and assessments, mock interviews, and doubt-clearing sessions. There are groups and online discussion forums for students to interact with each other. SHRI RAM IAS’s online IAS coaching is an excellent option for students who cannot attend regular classes but still want to receive high-quality education and achieve their dream of becoming a civil servant.


Weekend IAS Coaching - SHRI RAM IAS

For professionals and students who are unable to attend regular IAS coaching classes, weekend programs are an excellent alternative. Shri Ram IAS, a well-known coaching institute, offers weekend coaching programs that cater to the needs of working professionals and students alike.

Shri Ram IAS Weekend UPSC Coaching classes cover all the essential topics in a comprehensive manner, allowing students to have ample time to prepare for their exams.

One significant advantage of weekend IAS coaching is that it provides students with more time for self-study during the weekdays. This additional time can be used to revise what they learned during the weekend classes, which can help them stay on top of their preparation.

The course curriculum is designed to cover both Prelims and Mains syllabus extensively, ensuring that students are well-prepared for both exams. Regular tests and assessments are conducted to track progress throughout the course duration.

If you are looking for quality IAS coaching but cannot commit to full-time classes due to other commitments, then Shri Ram IAS weekend coaching programs are an excellent option. With experienced faculty members, comprehensive course coverage, and regular assessments, you can be assured of quality education and preparation for your IAS exams.

Why SHRI RAM IAS Study Centre?​

SHRI RAM IAS is a renowned Best IAS Coaching in Delhi that has garnered immense success over the years. The founder of the institute, Mr. Sanjay Sinha, is a highly acclaimed teacher and mentor who has been providing quality education to aspirants for over two decades.

What distinguishes SHRI RAM IAS from other IAS coaching institutes is its unique teaching methodology and personalized approach towards every student. The institute offers small batch sizes to facilitate close monitoring of every student’s progress and provide individual attention.

SHRI RAM IAS offers comprehensive study material and regular mock tests to help students evaluate their performance and identify areas that need improvement. The institute boasts experienced educators who have cleared UPSC exams with flying colors and make up the faculty.

If you are looking for an institute that can provide you with the best guidance, support, and resources to succeed in your UPSC exam, then SHRI RAM IAS is the place to be. It is the leading IAS coaching institute in Delhi, with an outstanding track record of success.

Benefits of Joining the SHRI RAM IAS- Best IAS coaching in Delhi

Joining SHRI RAM IAS, the best IAS coaching in Delhi, can provide numerous benefits to aspiring civil servants. Here are six key advantages of enrolling in this prestigious IAS coaching institute:

Experienced Faculty: SHRI RAM IAS boasts of highly experienced and qualified faculty members who possess in-depth knowledge of the UPSC exam pattern, syllabus, and the latest trends. They provide individual attention to students and guide them to excel in their exams.

Comprehensive Study Material: The institute provides a comprehensive study material that covers all the essential topics for the UPSC exam. The study material is updated regularly to ensure that students are equipped with the latest information.

Personalised Coaching: The coaching is tailored to meet the specific needs of each student. The faculty members work closely with each student, identify their strengths and weaknesses, and develop a personalised study plan.

Regular Tests and Assessments: SHRI RAM IAS conducts regular tests and assessments to help students assess their progress and identify areas for improvement. These tests are designed to mimic the actual UPSC exam and help students gain confidence in their abilities.

Mock Interviews: The institute conducts mock interviews to prepare students for the final round of the UPSC exam. The mock interviews are conducted by experts who provide valuable feedback to help students improve their performance.

Past Success Record: SHRI RAM IAS has a stellar track record of producing successful candidates who have cleared the UPSC exam with flying colours. Joining this institute can significantly improve your chances of success.


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