How to Develop One’s Personality?

What should the youth from small cities do, so that their chances of succeeding in this prestigious examination might increase? They plan to achieve something in life, aspire for the most prestigious and the toughest examination. What changes or qualitative reforms should these young aspirants incorporate in their personality so that they can reach their goals? On the basis of my limited knowledge and experience, I would try to answer the questions which often come in the mind of these young aspirants.

Civil Services Examination is a complete test of your personality and perspective. In this examination, various aspects of your personality are tested directly or indirectly. Therefore, by making some necessary and effective changes in one’s overall personality, an aspirant can increase the possibility of success to an extent.

The following are some relevant points, which are specifically related to the Civil Services Examination; and are helpful in the development of one’s personality:

Maintain a Level of Confidence

Du ring the elaborate and tiresome process of preparing for the Civil Services Examination, it often happens that you start doubting about your medium, your optional subject your ability or even your own capability of clearing this
examination. There is nothing wrong in feeling demotivated; but do not get indulged in your doubts to such an extent that you become restless and impatient, and start building a doubtful and negative view of each and every
aspect, i.e, ‘I cannot get selected’ or ‘I can never write good answers, etc, as such doubts can become a matter of concern. When I look back, I recall that I always have had a full faith in the examination process, in my medium, in my
subject, in my ability, and above all, in my own capability. I feel that such type of faith helps you in performing well in the examination. For example, if any aspirant thinks that, ‘my answers will not be evaluated properly’, then he/she will not be able to write the answers with 100% presence of mind.

Nurture your Will Power, Ambitions and Brio

We have come across hundreds of examples where the aspirants, after facing serious challenges, have paved their path, and have overcome the challenges by sheer dint of brio and persistence. Maithilisaran Gupta, noted Hindi poet, has written:

“The more hardships a person faces, the more successful one becomes, The more successful a person becomes, the more name and fame one achieves”.

The level of your will power should be your determination to move forward, whatsoever the circumstances may be, and to pave the way on your own. However at the same time, it should be kept in mind that this should not be affected by ‘indulgence’. When you move ahead in life with your will power, without caring about the outcome of your deeds, the probability of your success increases manifolds.

One can avoid unnecessary stress and pressure and can ensure excellent performance by doing preparations with such positive attitude. Whether you succeed in the examination or not, your life never stops. You should always keep trying to succeed in life, irrespective of the medium; as ‘Success’ is a journey, not a destination.