How to study NCERT books for the UPSC Examination?

For UPSC preparation, civil service applicants are often suggested to begin with NCERT. First and foremost, these books should be studied before any other standard reference sources. The answer is basic and straightforward: they aid in the establishment of a solid base. How therefore can we differentiate between the two pools of potential candidates? As a consequence of this, the factor that differentiates them is not the material that they are reading, but rather the manner in which they are reading it. You should know everything about the topic, understand each point’s reasoning, and recollect all relevant facts.

If you’re looking to create a solid base, ncert books are what you need first. NCERT books are a great source to pass upsc exams. But there are certain ways one can study NCERT books to get the maximum benefit from these books.

What is the Best Way to Read NCERT Books for UPSC Exam Preparation?

How are you going to study each subject and each topic? We recommend beginning with the sixth-grade textbooks. There is a lot to learn in the beginning, but it will all be worth it when you realise how far you’ve progressed. If you’re having trouble grasping any of the ideas, don’t waste time trying to figure it out. Keep reading to acquire a better grasp on things to get an overall feel for how it all fits together, what the connections are, and what each chapter’s purpose is before diving into more detail. Taking this step is the first step in the process.

Reread topics to grasp their concepts

This is the phase when you seek external support if needed and don’t skip topics. Do not skip any chapters since understanding the chapter needs information from the preceding chapter. At this level, make sure you know every page. Underline ideas you must remember, add notes, and undertake brief modifications if needed.

Rereading topics helps to remember them for a long period of time. It can help you understand the concept better and ace your exams. Make sure that all important topics in NCERT books are reread.

Finalise topics

You should be so comfortable with this reading that you can read without interruption. You may miss some facts, statistics, or ideas, but you’ll cover chapter after chapter rather quickly. Make your notes succinct so you may quickly revise each topic. If you follow the preceding stages, this phase should be simple and fun.

There are a lot of ncert books on different subjects and the syllabus is so vast. Every NCERT book contains not only important information but also some unwanted information too. You should be able to finalise topics that are utmost important and concentrate more on reading and studying them

Understand, Don’t just Memorise

One of the key techniques is to get a good trip on the concepts given in the books. Just memorising what is written will not help in the examination as we tend to forget in stressful situations. So it is always better to understand the concept of the given topic. Memorising facts given in the textbook won’t help. You need to understand it better. Conceptual clarity is what you needed in competitive exams like the upsc.

While preparing from NCERT books, you have to study all the basics of the subject. NCERT books provide the basic and main concepts which we all have been studying from the start.

Make key phrases

Develop a habit of making key phrases like indexes of the books when you are studying. This practice will help you a lot in preparation of UPSC Examination from NCERT books. Go through the chapters of the book thoroughly instead of just cramming through them. Look for the most important topics and make key phrases out of them. This can be very helpful when you’re revising the subject later.

Focus on headings, diagrams and labels

Try to focus on the diagrams and labels given in the book. These diagrams and labels show a process and these processes are asked in the exams. Diagrams and labels can help you remember complex topics easily. That’s why many people prefer focusing on labels and diagrams to understand complex topics better.

When preparing through NCERT books, direct your focus on the headings and highlighted phrases given in the chapter. These headings are mostly referring to some important concepts. You wouldn’t want to miss important topics. Make sure to check out headlines and highlighted phrases in NCERT books.

Practice past papers

Read the questions given at the end of a chapter first. In this way it is easier to grasp what you are looking for in the chapter. Practising the past papers is essential in the preparation of any exam. So, practising the past papers will not only help you in better understanding of the paper context but also you will be able to understand what questions are repeatedly asked.


UPSC exams can be tough without proper Preparation. If you’re preparing for UPSC exams, NCERT books are all that you need to get started. One of the most effective ways of studying from NCERT books is reading them like chunks of information rather than reading these books like a Novel in one go. NCERT UPSC notes can assist you in preparing for the UPSC test. They are considered very essential when it comes to upsc exams. They can help you with the basic knowledge regarding every subject and help you ace your exams.