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Importance Of Self-Motivation During UPSC Preparation

Importance Of Self-Motivation During UPSC Preparation

Is self-motivation necessary during UPSC Preparation? Cracking the civil services exam is not an easy job. You need to undertake the tough preparation. The serious aspirants prepare for months together with the aim of becoming an IAS officer. It has a very lengthy period. For instance, consider the date of official UPSC notification until the results arrive. It is the 15 months process. So, look at the amount of time you have to keep yourself motivated. In fact, self-motivation is the secret element for success. Firstly, learn about the common problems you might come across. Later, take your time to go through about importance.

Common Problems Faced By IAS Aspirant

Generally, the candidates tend to experience depression during UPSC preparation. Please do not give it a chance. Instead, learn about common problems and then avoid getting trapped. You will have to cover the huge syllabus and make multiple revisions. In the initial months, students tend to be highly energetic. Gradually, all the energy gets drained out. Ultimately, they end up losing interest and get distracted. The intensity of preparation goes down. Students will start thinking about many things.

Some include – When will I be financially independent? What if I fail during the first attempt? All my friends are settled in life, but only I have not! In order to come out of such a trap, you need to find methods of self-motivating.

Tips To Overcome Lonliness During UPSC preparation

We have observed the success stories of previous year toppers. When you understand the possibility of success, you can get motivated. Now, you are energized to work harder and strive better for success. However, it is just one part of the story. Most importantly, your internal will power and confidence matters a lot. Success stories are just one small portion. You cannot solely depend on it. Getting help from mentors will help you a lot better. So, here is the list of ways you can give a try to boost the process of self-motivation.

Divide Your Goals into Many Portions

The complex syllabus is the main reason for losing motivation during the UPSC preparation. Never lose confidence! The major mistake you intend to do is neglecting the planning of study timetable. As a result, you will end up with being unable to complete the entire syllabus. Here, you lose confidence! In turn, it causes panic and fear among candidates. Above all, motivation has no room. We have a solution for this problem. You can divide the huge syllabus into smaller parts and then study each with a good plan.

You can divide based on subjects and paper wise. Set up daily achievable targets based on your ability. Daily targets are going to be extremely helpful in the UPSC exam preparation. List them and complete each target in a timely manner.

Evaluate Your Performance

You will study continuously for months together. In the end, you will start doubting the preparation. All of a sudden, you will doubt whether you can solve the questions properly or not. Do not let this happen. So, evaluate your preparedness on a regular basis. If you are in a good coaching institute, your mentors will help you with the evaluation process.

Consider the feedback and avoid last minute worries. Test yourself through monthly, weekly and unit tests. Pay attention to your mistakes and never repeat. In fact, it serves as the feedback system during your UPSC preparation. It is okay if you are slow. But, keep a check on preparation along the journey.

Do Not Worry Too Much About Past Errors

Please do not think too much about your past mistakes. It is not going to help you in any way. Over analyzing the mistakes leads to loss of motivation and confidence. Do you want to be a victim? Just take out all the fears and worries out of your head. As a whole, make sure you are not stuck in any kind of negative thoughts. Invest your mind and concentration in the present. No more past! Plan your day well in advance and start your UPSC preparation with full zeal. Seek help from your mentors or family members. Enjoy the period and try to be stress-free always!

Discover Your Purpose

With the exam pressure, the candidates fail to discover the objective in life. They just go aimless! So, you must develop a strong purpose in life. Let it be both short term as well as long term. So, it helps you to stay motivated. Suppose, you feel low and want to give up. Remember to ask this question – Why did I start with this UPSC preparation? You will have a reason to begin. Right? Do not let your dreams go away for small reasons. Now, this can be considered as the long term plan. What about short term plan? Here, you can set up daily goals and a purpose for finishing it. For instance, preparing for a mock exam or making notes.

Avoid Day Dreaming

It is common for IAS aspirants to do daydreaming. However, it is okay to have dreams in a day. They serve as the motivators. Anyways, too much is always bad. Your job is to build a path to success and not dream about how you will be in the future. In fact, it is simply a waste of time. In order to become successful, you will need an executable strategy for UPSC preparation. Moreover, such things drive you towards success easily.

Always Stay Healthy

I have given this point in the last. But, it is also a very important thing to consider. Let your peaceful mind and healthy body go hand in hand. So, preparing your mind and body to face the toughest exam is necessary. Always a strong mind is present inside the strong body. Meditation and simple exercise will do good to you. Intake of a balanced diet is preferred. Definitely yes, you will need the support of good health. Otherwise, it is impossible to cover 2 years of UPSC preparation. You will end up in discontinuation!


Keeping serious IAS aspirants in mind, we have listed the ways to maintain self-motivation. Did you like them all? You need not follow all the tips. Just pick one or two and follow it regularly. All the best for your UPSC exam.How To Spend A Week Before UPSC Prelims Examination?