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Maintain Consistency in your Personality

A proverb says,”Winners don’t do the different things, they do the things differently”. Thus the winners are those who do the things differently and consistently. We know many persons who begin their preparations in an ambitious way, but they don’t sustain with the same enthusiasm till the end. Similarily, there are many who lose their patience when they face difficulties in their path or they start making the excuses and blaming the circumstances. Neverthless, there are hundreds of examples of those persons who, due to the element of consistency in their personality, have become successful not only in the Civil Services Examination, but also in other spheres of life.

Now-a-days, there has been a great change in the yardsticks to judge the ability of a person. Earlier, the Intelligence Quotient (IQ) was the basis of judging the ability of a person, later the Quotient (EQ) was included in it, but lately, the employers have started judging the Pessistence Quotient (PQ) of their future officials/employees. If any official/employee is assigned a project and his interest and zeal starts fading after a few days, then the probability of his project becoming successful diminishes. Therefore, maintaining the consistent zeal and persistence, the chance of success increases manifold.