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Are you looking to commence your UPSC journey but need help figuring out where to start? Or do you want more than your ongoing institute and looking for the best UPSC coaching in Delhi? Which city would be the best to prepare for UPSC? Is online UPSC coaching enough? In this blog, you will get all the above answers. So grab a cup of coffee and have a quick read before you start your UPSC journey.

How To Choose The Best IAS Coaching In Delhi?

Choosing the top IAS coaching in Delhi can be a rigorous process. It can be one of the major factors that would decide your future as a UPSC aspirant going ahead. So please do not rush into any institute without doing proper research. However, to help you choose better we have shortlisted a checklist that you must go through before choosing your coaching institute.

An Experienced Team Of Faculty

Faculty and infrastructure are the backbone of any coaching institute. Before getting enrolled try to know more about the faculty, — their experience in their respective subjects, their achievements, their academics, how long they are associated with UPSC coaching, etc. The top UPSC coaching institutes consist of the right combination of both, — faculty with years of onfield civil service experience and those with stellar academic experience.

Resources & Study Materials

The study materials and resources constitute the sea of knowledge you would drink from. You should have a vast pool of resources for different subjects that the students should be able to access easily and swiftly.

Evaluations & Tests

It is important to conduct the right kind of evaluation system so that the students get the actual picture of where they stand. Only then they will be able to know their real strengths and shortcomings, and how much to work on which subjects to crack the ultimate exam. It shouldn’t be that they are scoring great in the institute’s tests but failing miserably in the UPSC exams, or worse if they are scoring so low in the institutes that their confidence is shattered. The institute tests should resemble the UPSC exams as closely as possible.

Attend The Demos

Many institutes offer demo classes. Do enrol for these demo sessions to understand whether their style of teaching is compatible with you. Many a time, it happens that the institutes are providing the best of services but the teaching methodology doesn’t match with the student’s perceptive abilities. So better to attend such demo sessions and figure out whether you are comfortable with their pedagogy.

Testimonials & Past Success

Talk to the alumni to get a better picture. They can guide you best about the strengths and weaknesses of the institute. The same institute can be good for one and not so good for another. So it is best to analyse which coaching centre will be apt based on your needs and aspirations. Don’t forget to check the records of the past batches.

Which Is The Best City For UPSC Preparation?

Many aspirants from different parts of the country keep wondering whether they should relocate to bigger cities for their IAS preparation. If so, then which city gives the best environment for UPSC aspirants? Well, the straightforward answer to that is Delhi.

The capital city of India is the hub of UPSC preparation. Places like Mukherjee Nagar & Rajendra Nagar in Delhi NCR are the nucleus of aspirants from across the countries. These places have become so famous that their mentions are often found in even OTT and TV series that are based on UPSC and its preparation.

But why is Delhi the best city for UPSC coaching?

  1. Delhi is buzzing with thousands of UPSC aspirants who have the same goal in their minds, — to crack the toughest exam in India. This provides a very competitive ecosystem for the students to thrive and learn from each other. Interacting with peers from diverse cultural and socio-economic backgrounds helps them understand Indian administration better with real-world insights. This sets a platform for peer learning and growth for the students.
  2. It is the epicentre of the government, most government functions originate from here. Every conversation here can lead to a learning opportunity for the aspirants. The city is filled with libraries, seminars, and workshops dedicated solely to UPSC preparation, which no other city can provide. 
  3. Coaching Institutes like Sri Ram IAS organize several conventions and seminars in Delhi, with former civil servants as guest lecturers talking about current affairs and more.

Is Online IAS Coaching Good Enough To Crack The Exam?

For those, who have personal limitations and can not relocate to Delhi,  — nothing to worry about. You can always opt in for a good online UPSC coaching facility. Many ask this question whether online coaching is good enough or not. For them let me clarify. If you do it from good online IAS coaching institutes like Sri Ram IAS, you can reap a lot of benefits.

Some of the benefits of Sri Ram IAS online IAS coaching are:

  1. Flexible timing: You can pace your preparation based on your schedule. You can access all the study materials and lectures anytime from anywhere. This is especially helpful for those who are preparing while working or are engaged in other commitments.
  2. Affordable: Sri Ram IAS online courses provide the same study resources as offline enrollments but at a much lesser course fee. This is a good option for the students who want to parallely prepare for IAS.
  3. Interactive Sessions: You can always ask questions and clarify your doubts from the experts in our interactive sessions. You can even ask for one-to-one mentorship sessions if you need them.
  4. Comprehensive Study Materials: Get access to the best resources including previous years’ question papers, mock tests, current affairs, etc.

How Sri Ram IAS Study Center Can Help In Your UPSC Coaching?

At Sri Ram IAS, we provide quality education to all the students. We have received several recognitions and are considered in the top 10 IAS coaching in Delhi. We understand the individuality of the students and pay attention to their particular needs. We prepare their foundation with our successful teaching techniques.

Let us look at how we are always ahead of the curve.

Best IAS Faculty Of India

Our pride is our steller faulty. We have both, — the academic jewels as well as the ex-civil servants who come with first-hand thrilling experience of administration. They are here to not only teach but inspire the students. As they say, “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” At Sri Ram IAS we have faculty who inspire the students with their vast experience and knowledge about the subjects.

Top-class Infrastructure & A Learning Atmosphere

We understand that preparing for such competitive exams needs a peaceful environment. Our study halls, cafeterias, and libraries are designed to promote a distraction-free, peer-learning atmosphere.

Vast Pool Of Study Materials & Resources

The resources are one of the most invaluable parts of any preparation. We keep a vast range of relevant and updated resources. We keep updating the current affairs section. We provide the best mock test papers, past question papers, current affairs, best subscription options to newspapers and trending magazines, etc.

Stress Management

We take stress seriously. We understand that preparing for UPSC can be very competitive and takes a toll on the students. But stress is not good for exams. We conduct stress management counselling sessions that help students deal with it effectively.


So why wait? Get in touch with Sri Ram IAS, — the best UPSC coaching in Delhi. Take our free demo classes for better understanding. You can also opt for our Online Admission. Call us today and shape your tomorrow!