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Just keep this statement in mind! The more you practice, better will be your final performance. Reading different topics and understanding all the topics clearly is not the only thing you must do. You should also practice. Spend some quality time in solving previous years question papers and mock tests. It boosts your writing practice. Here, you might make mistakes while practicing. Learn from your mistakes and take care of not repeating them. In this blog post, you will learn about the benefits of UPSC online test series. Go through them and then make your final decision.

List Of Benefits Of UPSC Online Test Series

Gain Confidence and Overcome Exam Fear

In an IAS aspirant’s journey, fear is a common factor. There is no other option. You must learn to overcome it by doing the extensive practice. Definitely no! It is not a bad sign. It will positively impact your career. The fear pushes you to prepare well. So, it seems to be helpful in one way. If you take it in a negative direction, it will lead to nervousness. Consequently, you will tend to perform badly in the exam.

However, you cannot overcome the fears by any shortcut. All you need is a regular practice. In addition, you need to have a good mentor to guide in a proper direction. So, UPSC online test series can help you to experience the real exam in prior. Identify the scope for improvement and work on the weaker areas.

Boost your preparation for IAS exam

Most importantly, you can easily analyze your mistakes when you take up test series. As it is the mock tests, you have much time to correct them and prepare perfectly. When you start answering mock questions, it helps you to recall the studied topics. Simultaneously, the revision happens! Do you agree? Above all, you will get the knack of handling the questions during exam time. This method of learning is considered the fastest. Ultimately, it boosts your confidence and level of preparation.

Easily Understand Different Question Types

Have you practiced with UPSC online test series? You must have noticed a few important words in the questions. It includes a comment, critically examine, discuss, enumerate, and much more question types. These are the qualifying questions that appear in the UPSC exam. Every type of question has a specific set of demands. So, understand the actual requirements and write accordingly. Ultimately, it helps you to score good marks.

Many students end up answering in their own way. They don’t even try to understand the exact requirement. So, cultivate the habit of reading and comprehending the questions in the right manner. Mainly, the examiners check your ability to comprehend well. By attending mock tests, you will learn to understand the different perspectives of questions.

Learn How To Tackle Uncertainty

You cannot expect anything in the case of UPSC exams. In fact, it will come in a package of surprises. In the year 2016, the questions appeared exactly in the opposite manner. Such a paper was never expected by students. There was very less number of questions from current affairs. Students who focused on current affairs had a bad day! Later, the question paper was again analyzed. It had many questions which could be answered with prepared topics. You cannot predict the type of questions asked in the exam. In order to be safe, practice a lot from UPSC online test series. If you own good practice, the chances of getting panic are least.

Improve the ranking

Have you heard students complaining they knew the answer but couldn’t write in exam hall? Please do not make such mistakes. It will cost you another year of preparation and struggle. In case, you practice well before the exam, you will not miss any known questions like the above. So, practice makes a man perfect. Moreover, the knowledge stays permanently in your brain with regular practice.

In fact, it is possible to recall even in a stressful situation. When perfection is in your hands, there is no need to worry about getting top rank in the civil services exam. However, UPSC online test series is not the only way to get a good rank. But, it is definitely one of the best ways to seek top rank. Stop worrying guys! Get your hands dirty and start practicing.

Maintain Ideal Mind State

Prepare your mind before entering the exam hall. Trust me! Your mind is the best tool. Put away all your stress, tension, and nervousness. So, you will be able to better understand the questions. You should have cultivated the habit of answering all questions in a timely manner. Each student possesses different answer writing strategies. If you practice from UPSC online mock test series, it is easy for you to choose the perfect strategy.

In the journey of preparation, you would have developed a good mental state. Consequently, you will know what to do as soon as you receive the question paper. You already know how to answer each question type. With consistent practice, you know what time you need to spend in writing a single answer. In this way, mock tests help you in developing the perfect frame of mind!

Learn How To Manage Time

If you own a reputed UPSC online test series, it is easy to learn the skill of saving time. Of course, they are the great source of self-study! Moreover, the questions in mock appear from the important portion of the syllabus. You just have to strictly work on it and implement the strategies to save time while writing answers. By doing so, candidates can save a lot of time.

Final Words

Above all, you must understand the mock test series to help you to learn fast. In fact, it provides a new and innovative way of learning. Even if you want to prepare for IAS through self-study, this is the best choice. Compare your ranks with your fellow candidates and know where you stand. So, this is referred to as mock ranking provided by only the PAN India level test series. Choose the right resource and then start practicing. You will end up wasting time if ignored.