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Preparation Tips For UPSC Interview

“Those 30 minutes will change your life” You are listening to this sentence all around if you have been selected for the final interview. Sometimes you get nervous by listening to all that because UPSC is considered the most competitive exam in INDIA. Almost 5 lakh candidates appear for only 800-1000 seats. Out of 2025 marks, 275 marks are specified Preparation Tips For UPSC Interview. Most people clear the written part but the interview stage is very difficult and aspirants lose the game at this stage.BUt, Now you do not need to worry. We have compiled a few important tips to get ready for the UPSC interview.

A Brief Summary To Prepare For UPSC Interview

This is the interview where your every gesture, every act, and every word can play a part to make you successful. So, be very active at this stage. Following are a few tips which can help you to make your way toward your dream career.

Pleasant Personality

When you enter the room the first thing the interviewer will note about you is your personality. So, make sure you are looking good. Wear a nice, clean dress. Maintain your hygiene. Put a sweet smile on your face while entering the room. First impressions are the best impressions. So try to make a good impression about you in front of the interview panel.


Greet the interviewers and wait for the seat offer. If they don’t, ask politely for the seat and after any one of them grants permission then sit down. It shows you are well-mannered and polite. It’s very important to be well mannered in interviews, especially in upsc interviews.

Read Detailed Application Carefully

Most of the asked questions will be from your Detailed Application form. So always photocopy your application and save it. So that a day before the interview you can reread your application in detail. Make sure to read and understand everything in detail before going to the interview.

Maintain Confidence Level

Be Confident, but not be Overconfident. Never argue with interviewers being an overconfident person. Show your confidence level by making strong eye contact and answering all questions with courtesy. Never make useless gestures from moving hands, legs or knees.Sit straight. Your posture and sitting style should give them a signal that you are not nervous.

Current Affairs

Always keep yourself updated on the recent news of your state and country. Because besides your detailed Application, Current Affair related questions are the 2nd main part of this interview. As a UPSC aspirant you’re bound to know everything related to current affairs. The interview panel expects candidates to be aware of the current affair details. You can even expect a lot of questions from current affairs. Read newspapers and watch news to learn about the latest news related to the current affairs of the country.

Reading the newspaper daily and following the news updates can prove an edge for building a strategy for your UPSC exam and interview. This will strengthen your foundation and give you a tight grip on your basic General knowledge. Developing a knowledge base is essential for a UPSC candidate so you can practice this by solving a lot of MCQs which will surely build your knowledge base.

Go With Positive Body Language and a Positive Attitude

The interview panel will read your body language as soon as you enter the room. It will look like you are not interested in the interview if your shoulders are drooping or you have a frown on your face. A positive attitude will set you in the right mindset for tackling the questions asked in the interview.

Work on Your Communication Skills

Good communication skills are important for establishing a good impression in your interview. Speak fluently and confidently when given the chance to speak and practice interview questions. Listen to debates, news channels, and YouTube videos that will help you brush up your communication skills.

Communication skills play an important role in any type of interviews and not just UPSC interviews. Good communication is all you need in interviews.

How to Prepare and Practise for Mock Interviews

Mock interviews are excellent for practising UPSC interviews. You get an idea of the expected interview questions so you can prepare your answers accordingly. Most UPSC aspirants prefer mock interviews and how to prepare for IAS interview.

Self-evaluation is a crucial component of UPSC preparation. It can aid prospective civil service employees in recognizing their errors, determining the strategy they should use to continue their preparation, and pinpointing their strengths and shortcomings so joining a mock interview is strongly advised. and SHRI RAM IAS coaching provides mock interview guidance and personal sitting with experts. it’s one of the Best IAS Coaching in Delhi

Keep working on your weaker areas and improving your stronger areas is an important strategy for IAS Interview preparation. Figuring out the weaker parts of yours and strengthening them is so important. The path to success is consistently working hard for your desired goal.


UPSC interviews are famous in India but hopeful aspirants are often scared of the interview. Clearing UPSC is difficult but not impossible. If you can clear a tough written test then why not the interview? Yes, you can pass this by putting in a little extra effort. As we have provided you with all the necessary tips and tricks, Now it is up to you to start following them right now and prepare yourself for the UPSC interview. We assure you that these tips will really prove helpful for you. Share these tips with your friend so that they can also prepare themselves accordingly.