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Public Administration Preparation Strategy for UPSC

The UPSC Civil Services Main Examination includes public administration as one of its optional subjects. Because it is pertinent to the duties of an IAS officer, it is one of the preferred options. Candidates are introduced to the public administration system in this course, which will undoubtedly be very helpful to future administrators. Additionally, it is a subject with a lot of concepts. Therefore, this subject is considered suitable for you if you don’t do well with memorization because it mostly requires conceptual comprehension.

Additionally, applicants are persuaded to take this optional subject by the availability of materials and the subject’s simplicity to comprehend. However, because this subject is so competitive, applicants who choose to take it should be cautious about providing generalized responses. Since many candidates choose this topic, you need to make sure that your responses stand out in order to achieve good exam scores.

Here are a few strategies:

Draw a Study Plan

Every exam preparation requires a solid study strategy. It is essential to getting a high score on the UPSC exam. Make a study strategy for the UPSC exam. To prepare for the UPSC Public Administration, Optional Paper, make a monthly plan, weekly plan, and daily routine. Set aside time for playing, eating, watching TV, and studying in addition to the time needed for exam preparation.

Spend at least eight hours per day studying for the IAS exam.

How to make notes for UPSC

The candidates should take thorough notes on the subjects they have studied. After two or three readings, notes can be made. Later, you can group related themes together, for example, chapters on civil services and personnel management. Every topic is connected in some way, and this will be extremely helpful to you when revising. This will enable you to have a thorough understanding of the subjects.

Books and other resources

In terms of study materials and tools, both online and offline, there is no shortage of the Public Administration optional. Finding reliable web resources and study materials in this environment becomes challenging. A few fundamental texts cannot be disregarded or skipped over, but finding specialized books or content is a fruitless endeavor. We are presenting a list of online and offline resources that can be helpful during preparation after extensive research and study.

Clear Concepts

It is undeniable that the Public Administration Optional curriculum is shorter and simpler to complete, but it doesn’t mean you should assume that the subject is unimportant. To cover the course, you will need a plan of preparation that is well-organized. It is essential to have a thorough comprehension of the fundamental concepts, theories, and principles in order to score higher in Public administration.

Essay Writing Practice for UPSC

You must practice writing responses if you want to achieve a good score. Writing thoughtfully constructed responses calls for in-depth familiarity with the subject at hand. Take out an old test and practice writing your responses as if it were a real exam. Although it may seem unusual at first, you’ll be amazed by the outcome. You might not believe this is necessary, but it is because it helps you concentrate more on important subjects right away. Practice writing within the allotted word count; it is essential and will benefit you in the future.

Previous Question Papers

Look over the question papers from past years and mark the various questions that were posed in this section. Practice at least four previous year question papers after you have covered all the material for a paper in order to identify your strong and weak conceptual areas. By memorizing well-known statements and sayings from well-known thinkers and practicing as many previous year’s question papers as you can, you can easily aim for a higher score in public administration for the UPSC


The secret is consistency, which Public Administration optional consistently delivers. Additionally, the number of students choosing this subject rises each year. Additionally, students who take this optional routinely perform at the top of the UPSC rankings. Students that choose to take this optional for their Mains exam were pleased with the results. Students consistently choosing this paper have been seen

An approach like a Public Administration Student

Whether or not you have a background in the same field, it is advised that you approach the questions correctly if you have chosen Public Administration as an optional subject for the IAS Mains Exam. Candidates might approach this optional paper in the same way they would approach the General Studies Papers, which would hurt their chances of getting a decent grade in the subject. As a result, anyone taking the Civil Services Exam for the first time, regardless of their prior knowledge of the subject, should try to understand the question and attempt to respond to it using proper citation of theories and public relations concepts, which will undoubtedly earn them a high score. and Learn How To Prepare For Public Administration at SHRI RAM IAS Best IAS Coaching in Delhi,

Study Optional as well UPSC Preparation

One shouldn’t disregard elective subjects. Aspirants should study the optional subject every day in addition to General Studies. One should dedicate two to three hours per day to the optional subject, particularly for pub ads. It is crucial to take notice of the associated aspects of the sub-topics listed in the syllabus because the syllabus is not in-depth.


Understanding a subject and putting it into writing to demonstrate your understanding are two completely different things. The majority of applicants overlook this. When compared to other subjects, this one is thought to be simple. It is utterly incorrect to believe that you can hide it by reading a few books. You must put in a lot of effort and persevere. Ask for assistance from your friends and mentors. The majority of pupils can easily earn good grades in the subject if they are well-prepared and strategic. Knowing the subject will be beneficial for the essay and interview.