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Smart Tips To Prepare For UPSC Exam While Studying in College

Is college a good time to prepare for UPSC Exam? What do you think? So, you are here to seek an answer to this question. Am I right? In this blog post, we have come up with the list of smart IAS Preparation Tips. You can use them to prepare for UPSC exam while in college. In fact, we have gathered these preparation tips from experts. Accordingly, college is the best time to start your UPSC preparation. Now, the new question arises! Is it possible to manage your college schedule along with IAS preparation? So, let’s get started. Have a look at the below list.

Don’t forget that you are a youth! The energy is seamless and you have the ability to manage time. There is no better time than the college days. Absolutely, it is the right decision. Above all, your mind is set to study mode. You will not face any kind of distractions. The only work you is to study! Suppose, you enter into your mid 20’s, it is difficult to get back the study mindset. You can start off with UPSC preparation in the final year. Otherwise, the pre-final year is also a good choice. As per the UPSC rules, a candidate must be 21 years to make an attempt.

#Tip 1: Prioritize Your Time

As a student, you have a time constraint. However, it is a good to start the IAS Exam preparation while in college. You will also need to learn how to prioritize the time. Many IAS aspirants dedicate one complete year for exam preparation. Unfortunately, it is not possible for you. Because you have other study commitments. You need to study everything parallelly. So, improve your time management skills. List down only the important work. Work on them and ignore the rest. Make sure you do not pick up the wrong things and waste your precious time. Understanding the UPSC exam pattern will help you to plan well.

#Tip 2: Purchase Only Important Books

Please do not end up buying too many books. This is one of the important IAS Preparation Tips to know. Too much information can spoil your study plan. Firstly, conduct the research and then decide which book to buy. Now, you have decided about dream career. You want to become an eminent IAS officer. But, buying the best books is not an easy task. There are so many books available in the market. Seek help from a good IAS coaching institute. Otherwise, ask the previous years topper. They are the best person to help you. Because they are already successful. Following their guidelines is not wrong!

#Tip 3: Consistently Practice With Mock Tests

Many coaching institutes offer mock test series to boost UPSC exam preparation of students. You might write the exam after one or two years. But, do not ignore the mock tests. It is compulsory to enroll in mock test series at the early stage. Your competitors are already practicing from it. Moreover, it is important to understand the exam pattern. If you are a serious aspirant, start practicing with mock test series. Firstly, making an attempt is important. Scoring in the mock test is a second preference. Do not worry if you get low marks. Consider it as a learning opportunity.

Along with question paper pattern, you will also learn difficult concepts. If you practice the number of mock test series, you are exposed to great varieties of questions. So, it is possible to get similar or the same questions in the final exam too. Let’s see who is lucky! It is just a number game. Study and practice simultaneously.

#Tip 4: Use Your Spare Time Wisely

Suppose, you will find leisure time, utilize it wisely. Some of the things you can do are revision and recall. But, how can you do it? The best way is to download the apps. There are so many mobile applications available in the market. Use them and reap full benefits of free time. Even the toppers will suggest you with these IAS preparation tips. Some instances in which you can use the app are waiting, traveling, etc.

#Tip 5: Follow Up With Magazines and Newspapers

Current affairs is the most tricky part in civil service examination. So, it is compulsory to read newspapers and magazines on a regular basis. Just because you do not have time, never ignore reading newspapers. Time constraint should not be an excuse! Once you get the hold on the subject, UPSC exam preparation becomes very easy. Preferably, read either The Hindu or Indian Express. They provide good quality articles. Give importance to editorial content while reading. Do you prefer reading magazines? Then, go for EPW. It has proved to be a perfect choice. Focus on new government schemes. Questions will appear from this section too.

#Tip 6: Practice Writing Skills

The speed of writing answers is very important. So, practicing is the only key to success. You are already having the practice of writing in academics. In addition, continue the practice during UPSC exam preparation. On the other hand, working professionals would have lost the practice of writing. Consequently, you are on the safer side. Leverage the free time you have to learn answer writing skills. Along with speed, the correctness of the answer is also important. In one way, essay writing competitions can be a good lead. Pick up the set of essay mock papers and start your practice right from college days.

#Tip 7: Finish couple of subjects during break

All the college students will get a semester break. Are you using the vacations? Mostly, all the toppers follow the same strategy. In fact, they finish off the optional subjects during the semester holiday. Later, you can focus only on general studies and current affairs. You can choose between two options. One is to finish optional subjects. The other is to finish NCERT books. It helps to build a clear understanding of all concepts.

Final Words

The above-explained seven IAS preparation tips play a significant role in building your dream career. The UPSC syllabus always has some updates. Additionally, the exam pattern undergoes modifications constantly. Along with these tips, you can seek help from previous year toppers. Keep yourself motivated. Always, try to own big dreams. Best of luck for your UPSC exam preparation.