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Tips From Toppers To Self Study for IAS Preparation

The first question every IAS aspirant come across is about self-study for IAS preparation. Is it possible to prepare without the help of the coaching institute? To be short, the answer is yes! But, it depends on you! Yes, your ability to prepare without external help influence your decision. You will get a lot of free information in today’s internet world. As a whole, I can say that it is possible to prepare on own. You must be ready to work hard, dedicate and organize your study schedule. We thought a list of a few tips would be helpful. After discussing with the toppers, we have explained to you in the below paragraphs.

Research About UPSC Exam

Even before you begin with the self study for IAS preparation, make it a point to go through the official exam notification. Learning about the exam is very important. Understand all the details about the exam. Preferably, check for all the eligibility criteria. Mark the important exam dates. Check how the selection process is going to happen. Carefully analyze the exam pattern.

The UPSC syllabus is huge. So, you need to spend considerable time in organizing the syllabus as per your study plan. Otherwise, it will be very difficult for you to clear the IAS exam. Prepare your mind before beginning. Moreover, it avoids you from being stuck in the mid of the journey.

Collect the Good Set Of Study Materials

Now, you are aware of the complete UPSC exam syllabus. Am I right? So, you have got a brief idea about the exam and related subjects. Keeping this knowledge in mind, choose the best study resources that support your self study goals. Above all, do not go for too many books and materials. You will end up in confusion. Preferably, keep it less and high quality.

Later, you can also follow government websites. It provides you the authentic information. As the content is updated on a daily basis, it is of great help to you. If you make any mistakes at this step, you are going to suffer in the entire learning journey. It definitely happens if you are aiming to self study for IAS preparation. Bear it in mind!

Make a Good Time Table

Hopefully, you have gone through the UPSC exam syllabus. If not, please do it today! The primary goal of every IAS aspirant is to complete the entire syllabus within a scheduled time. Set up many other sub-goals. In turn, it should help you to achieve the main goal. The best way is to organize the syllabus into different small topics. It will make the process of studying much easy. Assign a time to read about every topic. It varies from one candidate to another. It depends on the number of days left to your final exam. After assigning time to all the topics, leave some more time for the purpose of revision. Finally, this is how to do self study for IAS preparation.

Concentrate on Current Affairs

Update yourself with information about current affairs. It is a highly demanded task by UPSC student. Do you read newspapers every day? If yes, then great job! If no, then you must start today without fail. From the discussion with experienced toppers, the preferable newspaper is The Hindu. Moreover, current affairs is a significant part of IAS. Always prefer newspapers!

Online resources might not be as accurate as newspapers. If you still want to refer to online websites only, then go with trusted ones. Only reading newspapers and remembering all the facts is not the only solution. Generate opinions about the articles you read. This is where you can earn the chances of scoring high. UPSC board is concerned about your opinion of topics and not just the facts. So, candidates who want to self study for IAS should keep this in mind.

Practice Mock Tests Continuously

How to do self study for IAS exam? The best way is by practicing a lot of mock test papers. Maintain consistency and see the magic that happens! Only attending the mock exams is not the solution. Also, you should continuously monitor the performance. Improve on the weak areas and mistakes. Do not just study and move on to the next topic.

Test yourself! It helps to evaluate the accuracy and speed of answering. Strictly evaluate and highlight your weak points. There are plenty of online resources for mock series. Carefully opt for the best one. These tests offer great insights about your performance. The popular test series also provides a mock ranking. So, it is the best way to monitor your preparation journey.

Avoid Distractions

Most importantly, candidates who prefer self study for IAS tend to face distractions. You should know how to overcome them. There is no one to remind you! So, you need to be very cautious. Channelize your concentration completely towards UPSC exam preparation. Of course, you need to dedicate some time for refreshment. But, it should accommodate only 5 percent out of 100 percent. However, you are already aware of the fact that UPSC syllabus is huge. In case of any distractions, you will have to face a shortage of time.

Discuss With Your Seniors

Is self study for IAS a good decision? The above points and explanation must have given you a fair idea. But, you might miss out something important when preparing alone. Get in touch with other IAS aspirants on social media platforms. Talk to them regularly. Post questions and get educated. Networking plays an important role in your preparation period. Share the ideas and seek help whenever needed. If you own a good network, it serves as emergency access to required information. As a result, you will feel less lonely. Above all, the candidates tend to gain confidence. Solve all your problems. Moreover, you are in touch with people having the same career goal. It is your duty to find such online forums.


To conclude, do not forget to relax! Your doubt was – Is self-study for IAS enough? Keeping the above points in mind, the answer can be Yes or No. So, your ability to handle alone and study smoothly is a matter of concern. Ultimately, formal education is not compulsory. Firstly, talk to your mind. Then, check your efficiency. Ask yourself a few questions. Can I avoid distractions? Do I have a habit of preparing alone? Can I work hard with 100 percent focus? Ultimately, if you feel YES for all the questions, then go ahead without any second thought. Otherwise, opt for Best IAS Coaching institute nearby area only.