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Best Stress Buster Tips You Need During IAS Preparation

Are you finding the IAS preparationtoo stressful? Do not end up with health problems due to exam tension. Here, in the blog post, we have a list of stress buster tips for you. Follow them carefully and eliminate all kind of tensions during UPSC exam preparation.

In fact, this exam is popularly known as the toughest exam in India. So, the civil services exam will also have its own set of challenges. Get ready to build a beautiful journey from IAS aspirant to an eminent IAS officer.

Stress is a kind of challenge every IAS aspirant must learn to overcome on a daily basis. Why does this happen? There are two main reasons. One is the high competition level among the candidates. The other one is a huge UPSC syllabus.

UPSC expects you to understand every topic in-depth. Consequently, you might end up being a victim of headache, anxiety, and depression. You can avoid stress by planning your daily routine well. If you are also looking out for the same content, continue reading.

Engange Yourself in Physical Activity

Sometimes, IAS preparation is a cumbersome task. It involves strict timelines and lengthy study schedule. It would be better if you introduce some hours for physical activity. So, keep this in mind while preparing your study time table. It keeps your mind as well as the body active. As a result, you can study better and faster.

On the contrary, do not spend too much time on physical activity. You will end up being weak and tired. Ultimately, you cannot focus on studying. Here is the list of things you can try. It includes light exercise, brisk walking or jogging, yoga followed by meditation. It keeps you active and energetic throughout the day. Moreover, it improves your alertness and potential. If you take up meditation seriously, it helps you to stay calm.

Intake Of Balanced Diet

Make sure you eat healthy food. You need both mental and physical strength to cope up with the stressful challenges. So, a balanced diet will support your IAS preparation period. Keep yourself physically fit and healthy. Do not fall ill. It takes away all your energy. Take care and manage your tough study time schedules.

Do Not Prefer Stimulants

Many IAS aspirants prefer taking up external stimulants in order to handle stress. Please do not go for this option! It is not going to help you in any way. Especially, your health is put into danger. For instance, a student tends to drink too much coffee or tea. Others also prefer smoking for every 2 hours. Do you think of it as a healthy habit? Ultimately, it is leading to the depreciation of health and time. Of course, too much coffee or tea leads to dehydration. You must have already learned about the disadvantages of smoking. Put this idea out of mind!

Spend Some Time For Entertainment

If you keep on studying and neglect seeking entertainment, then you are doing wrong. Concentrating only on studies all day long is a bad idea. Of course, dedicate the majority of your time to IAS preparationonly. But, continuously memorizing facts and information strain your brain. Let it relax for some time.

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Make some time for enjoyment. It can be very simple tasks like listening to your favorite music. Otherwise, take a smooth breezy walk in the park with your friend. The point is to move away from books and study goals for some time. If you take such breaks, it refreshes your mind. As a result, it energizes your brain well.

Cultivate A Good Hobby

The journey of IAS preparation is definitely time-consuming. Most of the aspirants lose their personality and energy to it. You need to develop a balance between personal life and career goals. Cultivating a hobby will serve this task. What do you think? It mainly gives you the opportunity to spend time on something you love the most!

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For example, here are the ideas you might like. Listen to the podcasts, write a blog, cook, or paint. Reward yourself with the hobby you choose. It boosts your energy level to a great extent. When you follow this tip, it becomes a wonderful routine.

Take Sufficient Sleep

The heading itself is self-explanatory. Your body is vulnerable to wear and tear on a daily basis. It is a well-known fact. Here, I am talking about both mental and physical tiredness. However, you will be following the strict study time table for your IAS preparation.

It definitely consumes all your energy. So, be ready to spend some time resting. Give time for a short break where you can rest or take a nap. Above all, you should always plan for at least 7 to 8 hours of good sleep. Never steal your sleeping hours! It is a medically proven fact.

Always Maintain A Positive Attitude

Ultimately, you need to be positive in all situations. All the above paragraphs hold good only if you are positive. Please be 100 percent confident about the career path you have chosen and planned. As a first step, believe in your study plan.

Later, follow it consistently without any doubts. Push your confidence level to the greater heights. Just eliminate all the negative and improper thoughts from your mind. Trust me! We have observed in the lives of thousands of aspirants. Positivity is your success!

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I can understand that there are thousands of problems for every IAS aspirant. The tedious study schedule is not the only thing to consider. There are many other things to consider. It includes staying alone in hostel, food expense, maintaining good health, and keeping a good pace with Best IAS Coaching Institutes.

You should understand one important thing here. Do not overwork! Give your 100 percent. Come out of IAS exam fears. It is time to gain confidence and not to get tensed! Give your best during preparation as well as in the final exam. Build an excellent will power and positive attitude.

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